MC-9 Specs

MCI® MC9 Motor Coach Specifications


Overall Length: 40 ft
Overall Width: 8 ft
Overall Height: Approximately 11 ft
Wheelbase: 285 in
Approximate Vehicle Weight: 27,500 lb
Engine : Six cylinder DDC 6V-92TA two-cycle diesel – 277 HP at 2100 RPM
Eight cylinder DDC 8V-71 two-cycle diesel – 280 HP at 2100 RPM
Transmission: Manual: Dana Model 8844A (four forward and one reverse)
Manual: Fuller T-11605D (five forward and one reverse)
Automatic: Allison HT740 (four forward and one reverse)
Automatic: Allison HT754 (five forward and one reverse)
Brakes: Service: Air operated service brakes installed at each axle.
Emergency: Air operated Bendix-Westinghouse DD-3 emergency and parking brakes at rear driving axle.
Clutch: Two plate dry disc type, 15″ diameter, with air assist (on Dana 4-speed trans. and on Fuller 5-speed trans.)
Electrical: 24 volt negative ground. Two heavy duty 29 plate, 220 ampere hour capacity batteries. (Front headlights – dual seal beam – 12 volt lamps).
Air Conditioning: 6 cylinder compressor, belt driven by self adjusting belt drive off main engine
Seats: 43, 47 or 49 passenger recliners with restroom
Parcel Racks: Inside parcel racks – 122 cu. ft.
Luggage Compartments: Underfloor enclosed compartments – 300 cu. ft.
Fuel Tank: 140 gallon capacity or 168.6 gallons with auxiliary
Suspension: Air ride type, which operates automatically and maintaines a constant ride height
Steering: Standard hydraulic power steering

[Motor Coach Industries]


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