Bus Conversion material now showing at BusBuilding.com

March 23, 2006

All posts relating to bus conversions in general, rving, fulltiming, etc. have moved…




Go check it out!
  – The Craft of building a Bus Conversion
  – “Busilosophy,” or
    the Philosophy of Bus Conversions
  – Bus and RV Events
  – Energy for the mobile household
  – Fulltiming
  – Gadgets
  – RVing in general
  – Safety, and
  – Travel

You can also take a look at the top right of this page where you see the 10 most recent posts from BusBuilding.com.

Sooooo, now all that’s left is to update this site with all the progress and photos that have been made on Evangelina, my MCI MC9, in the last many months. Hmmm…work on the bus, or work on the website??? 🙂