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March 23, 2006

All posts relating to bus conversions in general, rving, fulltiming, etc. have moved…




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Sooooo, now all that’s left is to update this site with all the progress and photos that have been made on Evangelina, my MCI MC9, in the last many months. Hmmm…work on the bus, or work on the website??? 🙂


Happy Christmas Holiday

December 18, 2005

Evangelina says, “Hey look at my tree!”
Evangelina's Interior 2005
Hey, you do what you can when you have a 50% work-in-progress Bus Conversion…

Waaay out of date

December 8, 2005

Much has been accomplished since 2003 and there’s 15 tons of progress to report.
Evangelina at Sunset
Standby for an update of Evangelina’s progress and ‘debatably-intelligently designed’ 😉 evolution from an interstate passenger motorcarrier to a custom motorcoach!

The excitement of building plumbing with CPVC

September 9, 2004
Early Plumbing Tree

The Plumbing Tree – a very early view during construction.

I’m trying to maximize every square & cubic inch everywhere, so fitting it all in the most efficient use of space is important.

Running water!…and look at that.

What 300,000,000 people in North America take for granted.

The Restroom Conversion

January 20, 2004
Rest Room Reconstruction

The messiest job.
A quick ‘n dirty posting of some before and after photos for someone who needed to know immediately.

See also:
Gumpy / Craig Shepard’s Documentation on RR removal

My experience on BNO trying to get out the toilet tank

1st Appearance Enhancement

November 9, 2003
Evangelina in Las Colinas

December, 2003

Added vinyl for a ‘good enough for now’ swoop.

Room for 47

November 9, 2003
MC9 Interior
October, 2003

Amazingly, after looking at more than a dozen coaches and not finding what I wanted, this one appeared one day. The moment I walked inside I knew this was the candidate. She was clean, smelled fresh and had practically no rust anywhere. A fresh 8V71 Reliabilt Detroit Diesel Engine and decent tires.

Just back from charter service and ready for a few million miles as a bus conversion motorhome!